An exclusive color and deluxe kit for the Rubicon is now available at Crowd Supply. This kit includes a shell, base plate, two opaque covers (deep and shallow), one clear cover (deep or shallow), gaskets, screws, standoffs, and the previously unannounced heatsink accessory kit. The shell and opaque covers come in an awesome teal, exclusive to Crowd Supply. These kits are available in limited quantities, so get one while you can.

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We’ve been hard at work bringing our heatsink accessory to life. In the conceptual design phases of the Rubicon, we knew we needed a way to keep the electronics inside the box cold – especially in a sealed enclosure. This is where the heatsink accessory comes into play. By using a copper piece to thermally tie the Raspberry Pi’s processor to the base plate of the Rubicon, we can manage to reject much of the heat created by the Pi. Our testing showed great results so expect the detailed results in an upcoming blog post.


(transparent base plate is for illustrative purposes only)

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